We human beings – and therefore also the organizations in which we work – face the challenge of expanding our potential development to other levels in order to survive in this challenging time and to take the next development steps.

We need methods to leverage our previously unused or underdeveloped potential and our skills and to make them available to ourselves.

This development of people and organizations is the focus of my work.

The development of people and organizations is my inspiration and my motivation for action. My target is to generate human growth and knowledge.

I pay particular attention to maintaining health on all 5 levels. For me, this is the basis of growth.

I accompany people and companies designing an individually supporting corporate health management.

Health also includes the meaningfulness of one’s own work and action. If organizations succeed in transforming this knowledge into values and making them visible, then guiding principles emerge that are being lived. It is very important to me to lift these treasures. I support the development of guiding principles by involving as many employees as possible.

This way the organizational culture is able to grow and change. New things become possible. People and thus the entire organization learn new behaviors and experience how knowledge becomes available in the organization. This in turn inspires further knowledge growth and thus strengthens the organization’s growth curve.