Corporate Health Management

Corporate health management takes into account the various factors of health. It is interpreted and implemented very differently within organizations. It ranges from the offer of sports courses for shift workers to their own processes and formats for processing and evaluation within the organization.

Modern ways of working require a changed assessment of health.

Studies have repeatedly found that health is the most important thing we have. That is why it is best to take it into account in everyday life in organizations.

We have e.g. decoupled completely from our everyday work exercise and often also healthy nutrition as pillars for health.


Dealing with today’s forms of stress is often not learned and trained professionally.

The psychological stress increases significantly and it is the basis for diseases of the future. Therefore, there is a need for action here through analyzes of the psychological stress situation.


Management also plays an important role here. It is also a role model for leadership to actively support this understanding and the process.

The effect

Corporate health management, if it is designed, implemented and monitored sustainably, has an effect on change in corporate culture. This applies from small to large and back again.

What we do for you

The topic will change from – we have to – to – we do now! accompanied by me.

We also support you in establishing a process-based CHM within the organization.

Through training, we support managers in strengthening and classifying the topic for themselves.