Optimizing Sales


Selling goods and services is one of the basics of doing business and we human beings have been doing it since the beginning of trading. 

Sales is therefore one of the essential core functions of every company. The salary of each employee is paid by the customer and not by the boss. 

However, we often experience excuses, lack of motivation and action in sales. This is very often associated with the fear of sales employees for the customer’s “no”.

There is no such thing as “the seller”!

Everyone is able to work in sales in their own way. It is important to adapt sales and sales styles to the personality and not the personality of the sales employee to the sales style.

The analysis and self-reflection as basis

The analysis of the personality, which can be carried out with the help of different profiles, enables the strengths and weaknesses to be described on the basis of their optimization.

Suitable profiles for personality analysis are DISC, driver profile, insights, MBTI.

The IMDE profile focuses on the strengths of sales based on the different sales phases.

Team motivation as the basis for success

Concentrated internal sales days using individual sales techniques, which are closely monitored and controlled, have a particular impact in order to make success and improvement potential visible.

My work for you

Sales staff in the office and in the field, sales staff, sales consultants, especially in B-2-B branches and social enterprises, are both individually coached and led to success in teams.