Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is one of the foundations of an organization. It shows itself in values, norms, artifacts, behavior. When you enter a company building, the organizational culture is immediately noticeable and tangible.

Sand in the gearbox

We often find within organizations that all processes are well described and that the work should actually go well and be crowned with success. Still there is sand in the gearbox. The employees are constantly nagging, the managers are frustrated and the mood is always down. Conflicts are either discussed in the tea kitchen or swept under the carpet.

Leadership as an engine

The management’s and employees’ motivation and understanding of values are crucial for the success of an organization. If lived values ​​in the organization are not clearly formulated and visible for everyone, different attitudes are promoted and thus conflicts arise.

Change in organizational culture

In this case, change means adaptation to the changed framework conditions. Formerly helpful behavior is often disruptive due to changed processes and especially in these times due to digitization. Uncovering these and replacing them with other agreed behavior is one of the most important roles and tasks.

What we do for you

We accompany you through the entire process of adapting the organizational culture to the current framework. We attach particular importance to adhering to the processes from the start right through to the implementation so that the process does not get stuck at some point.