Online Coaching

Benefit from the advantages of online coaching!

Online coaching helps you quickly and immediately. There are no waiting times and no lengthy explanations are necessary.

Online compilations will soon be available.

Coaching goals

By coaching and mentoring, I support you in a goal-oriented way and on micro-level, both in your daily to-do and in strategic aspects.

Possible concerns

  • Negotiation talks with customers, suppliers, superiors
  • Employee appraisal, development and criticism interviews
  • Goal setting and target achievement
  • Unclear tasks, concerns
  • Structuring and clarifying diffuse ideas, concerns, tasks
  • Dealing with procrastination
  • Change in behavior in the private sphere
  • Self-reflection

Target group

  • Managers in change processes
  • Self-employed and entrepreneurs in corona times
  • People in change situations

You send me your request

We briefly talk about the current situation

We arrange a coaching appointment via Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.

We hold the session

You then briefly report what and how it worked

We decide how to proceed


Coaching at an introductoy price:

1st – 5th unit 50,00 Euro each
from the 6th unit 40,00 Euro
fron the 10th unit 30,00 Euro

One unit lasts 45 minutes.

Depending on the concerns, a different number of units is required. We will clarify exactly how many after the initial interview.

After your registration by using the registration form you will receive an invoice that is payable via PayPal.